Saturday, 20 August 2011

Out with the Old - In with the New

Bolted lettuce
 The time comes when you have to concede defeat.  Most of my lettuce have now bolted.  I have been picking leaves from them for most of the summer, but the dry weather has finally done its worst and the lettuce have given up.  But don't they look pretty.  I shall leave them for a while as I don't need the space yet.  I have new lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse, but I will wait a little longer before planting them out.  Hopefully, if they aren't attacked by 'you know what' then I should have a good supply for the winter months.


  1. They're certainly beautiful, even if they have passed the edible stage. What variety is the very dark one? Have you ever let Endives bolt? They produce a mass of very attractive blue cornflower-like blooms.

  2. They do look lovely :) Our chickens would love them. Oddly, as our Summer sort of 'disappeared' I haven't done any succession sowing of salad leaves or lettuce.


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