Friday, 4 November 2011

Let the Soup Season Begin

A bowl of soup with a hunk of crusty wholemeal bread is almost a meal in itself, and once you have become 'soup-minded' you will find that no usable leftovers are wasted (pea pods, turnip tops and even weeds can be used).  So long as you have some vegetables and herbs - you can rustle up a light, nourishing meal.
Elizabeth West

Now, is the time to start using up all the veg that has been frozen.  Yes - it is Soup Season.  I turn practically anything into soup  in a variety of different ways.

I have started already - taking the cubed courgettes out of the freezer for Courgette soup, last week I made Lentil soup with grated carrot, onion and potato.  Today I made Curried Lentil and Carrot soup which was nice and spicy, and I intend to try all sorts of different recipes

Roasted Tomato

Pumpkin with grilled cheese croutons

Sweetcorn and potato chowder

My personal favourite Leek and Potato

The list is endless

and this one Riboletta
where I can use up some of my Cavolo Nero

As you can guess, I am a bit of a soup fanatic - I can think of nothing better in winter than a warming bowl of soup and some lovely fresh bread for dipping.
If anyone can recommend a soup which is their favourite I will gladly give it a go

For research purposes you understand!

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  1. Could'nt agree more...we too are soupaholics...especially in Winter. I too favour Leek and Potato. I made a good one last weel with the last of the Tomatoes and Lentils.

  2. I love soup too. Celeriac makes a great soup, but my favourite type of soup is lentil and caraway soup xxx

  3. Never tried celeriac Fran - reckon I'll have to give it a go. Lentil and caraway sounds interesting too.

  4. We're not big soup eaters so I don't make it very often. It's perfect for lunch in the kind of weather we've got today though.

  5. You are so right, soup is so yummy and warming. I had a chunky veg yesterday (although I have to confess to buying it whilst out shopping to enable a quick lunch when I arrived home). I'll be digging up some leeks today to make leek and potato and I am looking for a good recipe for a beetroot soup if anyone has one :-)

  6. I'm a great fan of soup too. I love eating it, and I love making it. For me the basis of a good soup is usually some home-made chicken stock. I agree with Fran that you ought to try Celeriac. It's wonderful.

  7. Yep, another soup maker over here as well. Taught to cook by my mum and grandmothers, all my sisters make soup and meals from scratch. My christmas soup was a big hit (beetroot, parsnip, carrot, topped with a swirl of cream and chopped chives or parsley) - red, green, white hence the Christmas name! Currently enjoying Chilli Beef soup (mince, multifarious veg and chilli) amazingly filling and delicious!

  8. I love soups but all mine turn out the same - a sort of tasty gunge. Never as pretty as these!

  9. hello
    i love soups!!!i make oftens potatoesoup with leek,lentilsoup,dry peassoup with hamhock,etc.
    have a nice weekend,

  10. What a delicious post! I eat nice thick homemade soups through the winter. Flighty xx

  11. another soup lover here! My winter favourite is chestnut and chorzo soup which I think I could eat every day and never tire of. Can I ask how you freezer courgettes - do they become mushy?

  12. ooooh, yummy. I love soups too. Even though we are heading into summer here I have been thinking about soup already!! Do you guys plan for soups or just make them from leftovers / over supplies etc?? I was thinking I might start making soup throughout the summer from fresh produce to freeze for the winter months. What do ya think??

  13. I love soup season too, and I'm thinking soup may be the best way to use up my frozen beans, since I hate the soggy taste they seem to have if I just steam them. Am looking forward to using some Jerusalem Artichokes in soup and am hoping you will post some yummy recipes to try too.

  14. I love soups but sometimes I find they don't fill me up enough so I'm a huge fan of minestrone. I love it because it has beans and pasta in it and makes it feel at bit more substantial.

  15. So many delicious looking soups...yum :) Pumpkin is probably my favourite but Leek and Potato is right up there too!

  16. These look delicious, such beautiful colours. Great way to make use of veg in a quick, healthy way.


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