Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Seed Order for Next Year

I have been giving some serious thought as to what I will be planting in the veg garden next year.  I like to experiment with new varieties as well as growing those that I know do well for me.  So, seed catalogue in front of me, I drool over all the different variations that you can now grow.
Pink Broad Beans - Karmazyn

Turks Turban Squash
Italian Romanesco type cauliflowers

Spaghetti Squash
I am considering planting a couple more small fruit trees as part of my Edible Forest Garden experiment - maybe a Quince
and a Kentish Cobnut

There are so many different types I want to try but doubt if I will have room for them all - it does get a little boring keeping to the ones you have always grown - so next year I am definitely going to be a bit more adventurous.


  1. Thumbs up to spaghetti squash and broccoli romanesca - I grow both :) But I also look forward to hearing how your Quince planting goes as well!

  2. Keeps the gardening more interesting...trying new varieties. My trial crop this year was Mibuna..a salad brassica...did'nt like it!

  3. My main new thing this year was Physalis (Cape Gooseberry). Total failure! I like the Cobnut idea. Did you see the thing about them on "The Great British Food Revival" on the telly?

    Bridget: I have also grown Mibuna a couple of times, but I found it to be insipid in taste and inclined to go stringy in texture.
    Mizuna is better.

  4. I meant to try spaghetti squash this year but sort of forgot about it.... I think the quince takes several years to settle and fruit....

  5. It's so exciting choosing what to grow, so many lovely things to tempt you. I love the look of Turks Turban but I've heard that they aren't as tasty as some other squash.

  6. We haven't got round to browsing just yet so will have to do this soon. We planted a Kentish Cob last year so no nuts just yet.

    It is supposed to be self fertile but we were told it would be more reliable with a 'friend' and we fortunately have some hazels so we popped it close by

  7. Good for you! Mind you I'm going to do the opposite and grow fewer varieties but hopefully better. Flighty xx

  8. I tried a lot of new stuff this year: the romanesco cauliflower (was tiny but delicious) and the spaghetti squash (managed to grow just one!) Really need to focus on the soil and improving it next year, though those pink broad beans are tempting and I seems to be able to grow loads of them without effort. x (Aren't you organised!)

  9. I was going to plant a quince tree, but this year have found a wild one that nobody else bothers with, so I am going to stick with that. This year I am trying goji berries and honeyberries for the first time. I love looking through the seed catalogues, although I too would need to treble the allotment with everything I would love to have a go at! x

  10. I tried spaghetti squash for the first time this year, it was delicious! So definitely growing that next year. I've already ordered quite a few seeds for next year, got a bit carried away on the More Veg site! Must make time to go through my box but in the meantime am looking into more fruit for next year. Peaches! Yum.

  11. You sure are gonna be busy next year xxx

  12. as a chef by trade I am all into growing unusual veg makes it fun to cook with and create new recipes thats what my plan is for the coming year, thid year i grew lots of difrent French beans and bolotti beans which i love next year i want to try to get hold of some sugar cain and try to grow that. good luck.


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