Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The View From The Roof of The Shed

The other day I decided to finish picking the last of the Damsons from the top of the tree, but this meant climbing on to the garden shed roof.  With this blog in mind I took the camera up with me, together with baskets to hold the fruit and secateurs, to do a bit of pruning at the same time. 

Because I have my allotment for all the veg that takes up a lot of room, I use these beds for the produce that needs a bit more attention, lettuce, radish, garlic, spring onions etc.  The rest of the space is used for spares, the odd cabbage, chives, beetroot and any spare corner for flowers; California poppies and Pinks, plus herbs.  It is astonishing just how much can be grown in such a small space with a bit of planning and squeezing in.  The compost bins are on the left next to the dahlia cutting patch and the old hen run is on the right, where I store my bicycle and a few cloches and canes.  Beyond that is the cold frame where I harden off tender veg. 

Apple  and plum trees, plus soft fruit and strawberries are also planted randomly in this area.  So you see, you don't need a large garden to keep yourself in fresh produce, this small area plus a few containers of potatoes, manages to feed the two of us almost all year round.

This is the view from the roof of the shed facing west, looking towards my raised beds, not quite as full of veggies as they were, but still productive.  The beds are just the right size to take small greenhouse cloches in early spring to protect the new seedlings from 'cat attack'. 


  1. Nice view of your garden - maybe you need to haul up a sun chair next summer? :)

  2. Your garden looks very productive. Before I had my allotment, I used to grow vegetables in containers, and although it didn't keep my family of four in veggies, it certainly went some way towards it. It's amazing how much produce you can get out of a small space.

  3. What a terrific birds-eye view and so full of interest! Flighty xx

  4. I was going to do a 360 deg view of the garden but my trees got in the way so I just ended up with one view.

  5. I bet the neighbours wondered what you were up to!


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