Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Change is afoot . . . Downsizing, big time . . . New Challenges ahead . . .

This will be the last season at my plot.  The field is being sold.  The reasons are complicated and out of my control.  It will be a sad day when I close the gate behind me for the final time.  I  raised hens and chicks, ducks and pigs and sheep and  lambs and my beloved goats and kids up there.  I have visited it every day for nearly twenty five years and tended the plot which has provided much of our food.

I will still have my small veg garden at home which has four raised beds and lots of container planting -  but everything will be scaled down considerably – a quart squeezed into a pint pot.  I’m thinking that this blog will be difficult to sustain under the circumstances – so perhaps I will close it down and just post veg-related pieces to my other blog ramblings from rosebank as and when they arise – I will give it a bit more thought and keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I missed my two year blog anniversary, which was in August.  The first post here was in 2011, since then there have been 180 posts, 3092 comments and 63,806 page views.  The most popular post was about tomatoes here which has had 1171 pageviews since it was posted.  It seems any post about tomatoes is always popular.  It has been a pleasure to read all your encouraging and entertaining comments – I should like to thank all of you who comment for sticking with me - particularly Flighty at Flighty's Plot who has commented on every single post – a loyal follower indeed.

‘Til the next time – maybe!

Lao Tzu

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