Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Kitchen Garden Miscellany ...

This is what the kitchen garden looks like at the moment - full of flowers, but yes, there are vegetables in there somewhere!
I thought I had better do a post over here as I have been included in a list of Top 20 Gardening Blogs to follow (see here) - listed as a seasoned veteran - HA!  Unfortunately one or two of the facts aren't quite right - apparently I tailor my blog to all things associated with Italian cooking - not sure where that came from! 

Anyway, here are a few pics of how the kitchen garden is progressing in July - the month when everything starts coming to fruition - signs that all the hard work is paying off.

Charlotte potatoes
Purple TeePee French Beans
Hurst Greenshaft Peas
Sungold Tomatoes
various Lettuce
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
runner beans


So there you have it - proof, if proof were needed, that a tiny garden can produce plenty of veg - well, enough to keep two people fed throughout the summer anyway.
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