Sunday, 10 May 2015

State of Play in the Kitchen Garden …

It has been a busy week in the veg garden.  Because it has been so cold outside most plants are still-in-waiting in the greenhouse but because they are putting on rapid growth I have had to do a lot of potting on.


The runner beans, for instance, are growing like crazy – so I have potted them on till it gets a little warmer – I have been caught out before with strong, cold winds that caused leaf burn – it just isn’t worth the risk and I would hate to lose them at this stage in the game.


The purple sprouting broccoli has been outside hardening off and have now been planted out into their final positions, sprinkled liberally with slug pellets and covered with netting.


Cucumbers have been planted out into large pots but they will be staying in the greenhouse and the courgettes will be staying where they are for a couple of weeks – I still have the ground to prepare for them adding manure to the planting holes to ensure a bountiful harvest – hopefully!


The peas are coming along nicely in the open ground and the ‘twiggy peasticks’ (old fuschia prunings) have been inserted for support.


The indoor toms are making good progress and I have planted out the Sungold outdoors with a polythene grow house over them for protection – the Gardeners Delight which are also going outdoors have been potted on until the risk of frost has passed.


Chard is growing in containers which have been covered with a frame and fleece till they got themselves established – seem to be doing ok and look pretty healthy.


This is the salad bar – these lettuce and salad leaf are growing in washing-up bowls which have been covered for protection at night, the first lot of Little Gem suffered with stem rot (over vigorous watering I think) so I bought some plug replacements to keep me going.


Growing rapidly in the containers, potato Charlotte – the bell jars have offered overnight protection – just one more covering with compost and we have reached the top.  The potatoes in the ground have been given their first earthing up to keep them covered – I was caught out with a frost when they first appeared and one or two leaves were scorched but it doesn’t seem to have done them any harm.

So there you have it the Rosebank kitchen garden in full swing.


  1. Wow Elaine - it's all going on! My greenhouse is full to bursting at the moment - it's so tempting to put things outside but I reckon another week or two for most things. I love the washing up bowl salad bar! Jane x

  2. I love the bell jars and every plant seems to be in really good shape and all ready to go

  3. I did the same as you with cloches covering my potato pots. Most of my other plants are a long way behind yours though - Runner Beans only just germinated, for instance. In the past I have been guilty of sowing & planting too early, and have had to spend lots of effort keeping things alive, so I am making a conscious effort to sow later.

  4. It's all looking, and sounding, great. Flighty xx

  5. So much growing! You will have a wonderful harvest later in the year and sooner with the lettuce I expect!! Very tasty indeed. xx

  6. Everything is coming along wonderfully Elaine. You'll be serving salads before you know it.
    I've planted my tomatoes out now with cages and recycled cedar mulch bags for covers overnight.
    We're a hardy lot over here especially surviving the latest Winter!
    Susan x

  7. You have such a variety; you make me feel very limited. You've reminded me that I must sow my Chard.

  8. Everything looks beautifully healthy

  9. Those runner beans have come along beautifully, it all looks great! I'm having terrible slug problems in the greenhouse, but it's too full to give it a good clean out. What a good use for the washing up bowls! The salad looks delicious!xxx


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