Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Greenhouse Blues

Motto - leaving the greenhouse door open all day is an invitation for butterflies to devastate your Pak Choi.

Not a pretty site - and not much use any more!
How can this Cucumber plant
which is going mouldy
and completely dead at the bottom
keep on producing cucumbers
On the bright side
the container carrots are doing well
and so are the dwarf Runner Beans
but the tumbler toms have had their day
these are definitely finished
but on the bright side the lettuce in the old tomato growbags
are doing just fine
so there you have it
the good and the bad in my greenhouse
no wonder I have the
greenhouse blues

How are your greenhouse crops faring?


  1. Mixed fortunes there. My cucurbits always seem to get powdery mildew at this time of year. There's only tomatoes in my greenhouse which will be coming to the end soon.

  2. When everythings finished I usually give the greenhouse a good clean out - looks like that job's coming up soon.

  3. No greenhouse for my autumn growings, but my outdoor tomatoes look like yours - practically at the end of their life. My Achocha (supposedly similar to a cucumber but actually tastes of green pepper) is also dead at the soil end but flourishing overhead! Also I think something has sat on my carrots, smells a bit 'doggy'. (Possibly fox?)

  4. "It's a game in two halves", as they say... The joy of gardening is that you can usually have something new coming on even when other things are at end-of-life.

  5. Hi Elaine, I just had to pull out the last of the greenhouse tomatoes - they got blight on top of the botrytis :-( Nothing left in there now apart from chillies and lots of pots that I need to clear and clean! Still, it is the perfect time to sow winter lettuce and perhaps some annuals for next year. The ups and downs of gardening!


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