Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Piddling Little Pumpkins

This morning at the allotment I decided to go exploring in the jungle of my Butternut Squash to try and find some fruit.  Up until recently all the flowers were male, and I despaired of having any squash to store for winter.  Here is what I found - two piddling little squashes about three inches long, and this one:-
about six inches long.  And that's it, literally, that's all there is, amongst about twenty feet of rambling stems that seem to cover most of the garden - three piddly little squashes.  What can I say!


  1. I have the same problem, don't know what's happened. Some haven't got any on at all! The only things that's doing well are my Ornamental Gourds - great for decorating but not going to get me through the winter! I have some Baby Bear pumpkins that seem ok but I've failed miserably with the Cucurbits.

  2. I've got a couple of pumpkins growing, but I don't know if there's enough time left for them to grow fully. They don't half put on a lot of growth though, you really need plenty of room to grow them.

  3. same problem here with my squashes - virtually no sign of fruit at all. Cold wet summer or lack of bees?

  4. It can't be a wet summer that has affected them as we have hardly had any rain at all where we live, not sure about the bees though. The patty pan squash have been okay. The comments on your blog made me think about not planting the sunflowers near them. Perhaps thats the answer.

  5. Perhaps they will have a growth spurt...here's hoping!

  6. I've had a bad year with the cucurbits too. I didn't sow any Butternut Squash, but my Marrows and Cucumbers have been pathetic. One thing I can say with certainty though is that it's not caused by lack of bees - I've had loads of them.


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