Saturday, 27 August 2011

Triumphs and Failures - Part 1

I think we have all suffered from mixed fortunes with our veggie growing this year, so as it is the end of the summer growing season, I thought I would look back and record what has done well and what has done not so well in my kitchen garden.
The first crop to be harvested and the last.  Every batch I sowed after this picture was taken, bolted, due to the dry weather, I expect.

Courgettes haven't done too bad, after a good start they slowed down a bit, lack of water again, I suspect, but I still had more than I could handle.  Patty pan squashes have been very prolific, I put three plants in, if I grow them again next year it will be only one plant.  Butternut squashes are rubbish this year, the fruits are only just starting to form, so I am sure they won't be ready before the first frosts.  Very disappointed, as last year I had a bumper crop.

Tomatoes in side and out have been excellent.  Unfortunately, the indoor tomatoes have now finished, but the Sungold outdoors are still fruiting well and don't seem to have been affected by the colder weather, although the winds we had earlier in the summer battered the leaves a bit.

The runner beans have been excellent, after a slow start, but they too are nearly over.  But the French beans have been very disappointing, running to seed very quickly.  I shall use them as dried beans over the winter.

I have struggled with lettuce this year, the dry weather has a lot to answer for.  I have been picking leaves every day, but as the picture shows, most of the lettuce bolted fairly quickly.  I have lots more seedlings in the greenhouse, coming on nicely, hopefully to see me over winter.

These are just a few of my triumphs and failures.  I shall post part 2 next time.


  1. It sounds too odd to be true, but I have been unable to grow a single radish, and am therefore very very envious of your lovely examples. Every time I sow them, a lovely line of young plants appear, which in a flash are ALL munched by birds. Not one is left. Never thought they were worth netting, but may need to revise my plan!
    Agree with you, French beans were not good this year, and the lettuce, bolted far too soon.

  2. Oh how we suffer Petra, sometimes you wonder if it is all worth it.

  3. I know it's disappointing for all of us but it is gratifying to know that I'm not the only one.Lack of water and great changes in temperature must have played a part. I'm already planning for next year....

  4. The joys of gardening :) Each year our Store Cupboard has a slightly different mix of ingredients... and I like that, despite the disappointments :)

  5. Nothing is constant is it - the failures just make me try harder the following year, despite the fact that it isn't always my fault.

  6. Similar problems here in Ireland. Lettuce just came up and bolted straight away, Pumpkins a bit of a disaster though we will get some. You have done better on the Tomato front, ours are just starting to ripen.

  7. My onions and potatoes are as good as they've ever been, with everything else ranging from so-so to no good at all. Flighty xx


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