Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pots of Potatoes

Charlotte Potatoes
 As well as growing five rows of potatoes at the allotment, I planted the spares in green potato sack in my garden at home.  I tried this for the first time last year, and the results were a bit disappointing, producing perhaps enough for a couple of meals.  But I thought I would give it another go and emptied the first of three containers.  The crop was a bit better than last year, but after all the care and attention and frequent watering, I am really not sure it is worth it. 

As an aside - this morning I picked a handful of runner beans and gave my two sheep one or two to eat as they love them.  I picked a few courgettes and put everything in a bag to take home.  One of the sheep knowing there were beans in the bag, thought it would be great fun to chase me round the field headbutting the bag trying to get to the beans, which ended up with all the courgettes being smashed to pieces, me being cornered (and, if I am honest, a little scared - he does have horns) with the bag raised above my head, yelling to frighten him off.  Good job we don't have neighbours,they would have thought I was a mad woman.


  1. Pity the sheep episode wasn't captured on video - it would have been popular on U-Tube! :)

  2. Oh poor you! I had to chuckle though. My brother, when very young, had a similar experience: as he tried to bring home a bag of sausages from the butcher for my mum, he was chased by a very determined British Bulldog belonging to a neighbour! Not funny for him but hilarious for the children watching!

  3. Anything worth growing is a good venture, including those pototoes. I hope the sheep chase didn't scare you and it was more of an adventure. My greatest fear (in childhood) is to be chased by the water buffaloes and geeses by the roadside.

  4. I've never had sheep, but when I was a kid my dad once won an old billy goat in a game of cards at the local boozer, so I can emphathise with your experience...

    Still, your description made me laugh!

  5. Charlottes are one of my favourite potatoes and well worth growing!
    Your sheep story conjures up such a vivid image! Flighty xx

  6. Thanks for all your comments - I can assure you the sheep incident wasn't funny at the time, he's a big lad, and when he gets frisky he bounds round the field like Bambi on all four feet at once. Serves me right for feeding them beans.


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