Thursday, 6 October 2011

Crops for Winter

As the wind was atrocious again yesterday - I spent a couple of happy hours in my greenhouse, doing what I love best - having a bit of a potter.
Although it is earlier than I would normally do it - I planted up these Banana Shallots to give them a chance to develop good roots before planting them out in the garden.  This years Shallots all went to seed, probably because of the dry weather, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for this lot.

I also planted my Garlic in pots

On the way home from holiday we stopped in at Norfolk Lavender and they were selling these huge garlic bulbs (nearly the size of a tennis ball) for only 30p ea. so I am hoping for an equally large crop.
In the bags that I planted Potatoes previously I sowed some Meteor Peas at the weekend - I couldn't believe it when I checked yesterday - they are already through, so I brought the bag in to the greenhouse, as I knew the weather was going to get colder (which it is today) together with the carrots sown in the other bag

So the greenhouse is gradually filling up with crops for the winter where I can nurture and protect to my hearts content.

I  also  sowed three troughs of salad leaves so I can still have my daily lettuce fix through the winter.

All in all, a good afternoons' work.  Now - what's next on the list?


  1. Really impressed by your work, you are so well organised. I also learned a few things, and can see how important it is to be a nurturer if you are to be a good gardener. That's you!

  2. You are good. I have some potato bags hanging around, I might just copy you if I can find enough room in my tiny greenhouse

  3. I just wish that I had a greenhouse in which to potter! Flighty xx

  4. Foxglove Lane - I'm not really that organised it's just that somedays I get my backside into gear and focus.

    Patient Gardener - that's the trouble isn't it - finding the room for everything.

    Flighty - you're welcome to come up to Leics. and share mine.

  5. Loving the greenhouse and all of your winter crops. I've got some salad leaves, rocket, mizuna and red pak choi coming on in troughs in my cold frame but nothing else. I think I ran out of steam by the end of July and missed so many opportunities to sow crops. Its a bit frustrating but it was my first year I just need to be more organised next year. When will you get a crop from the peas?

  6. Hope your peas do better than mine. My Autumn peas have all gone down with Downy Mildew and have produced very few pods.

  7. Wellywoman - I don't think I will get a crop till next year but it will be a lot earlier than if I had waited till next spring to plant - depending on how hard the winter is, doing them this early just ensures that they have a good root system in place, ready for warmer weather.

  8. Wow! You're so organised...and so tidy as well! Lookin good!

  9. Thank you kindly! Flighty xx


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