Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Tale of Two Tomatoes

This is a picture which makes me sad - it is the last of the tomatoes picked from the tumblers before the plants were discarded - no more fresh tomatoes till next year - or so I thought ....
I made a late sowing of French beans in this container and added some compost from the heap to jhush the soil up a bit - the beans haven't done very well, but the tomato seeds in the compost have thrived.  I have now brought the container into the greenhouse - do you think the plants will survive the winter, should I separate all the plants out and pot them up individually or should I just forget the whole thing and bin them?
Maybe I could be eating tomatoes off the vine at Christmas - dream on!


  1. "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!"
    I think it's unlikely they'll survive, especially with the winter we have forecast - sadly. But you never know, that's the beauty of it :)
    We have some late 'volunteer' tomatoes but they seem to be all foliage.

  2. I agree with Mo on them not surviving the winter in the greenhouse. But maybe try take a couple seedlings out and raise them in the house? You'd probably need to self-pollinate the flowers but I'll bet that if you have a sunny enough place that you could be in for some Christmas tomatoes :)

  3. The greenhouse would probably be too cold for them to survive, yet they'd probably grow too leggy indoors due to lack of sunlight. It's worth trying though, you never know, and that's what gardening's all about, experimenting.

  4. Seeing as they are growing well it seems a pity to bin them, why not leave them and see what happens, you can always bin them later.

  5. Would there be rooms indoors for the pot? If you had a light but warm place the plants might produce some fruit.

    P.S. Is "to jhush" a technical term???

  6. Leave them be and see what happens! Flighty xx

  7. That will be great if you can continue to have some tomatoes. I, too, dug up all of my tomato plants a couple of weeks ago. I did freeze a lot, however, and made lots of marinara sauce.

  8. since they are growing well now, why not give them the chance to live...can you put them inside somewhere where they'll get sun? will keep my fingers crossed for the tomatos!


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