Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Preparing for Winter

I only grew one Chilli plant this year as there seems to be more than enough fruits on one plant for me to use. There are still green ones on the plant but I brought the rest indoors to dry out for use during the winter.  I don't know what the variety is but they are quite mild.  Once they have dried out I store them in jars, and to be honest, they keep perfectly for years, so I really have no need to grow any more for quite a while, I just like to see them growing in the greenhouse as they are so colourful.
The Spring Onions have been really successful this year, I sowed the seed in quite deep fruit punnets in the greenhouse and kept them there till they were well-established before planting out in a block in the garden.  I have sown them in succession and have four blocks growing at different stages.  As it gets colder I will put a cloche over the top to protect them from the worst of the weather
The outdoor lettuce are still doing well and they will also get a bit of winter protection to keep them going.  Lettuce are a lot hardier than they look and stand out well during the colder weather.


  1. Those chillis look beautiful. What sort of cloches do you have? I haven't got any and I'm thinking that's what I might get for Christmas.

  2. wellywoman - I have various different types of cloche that I have accumulated over the years - two that look like greenhouses that fit over the entire raised beds, some netting tunnels, bell jars for individual plants and acrylic sheets that I mackle together as and when necessary. You can't have enough cloches in my opinion.

  3. Your chillis are divine, what an amazing colour, seriously jealous of those green fingers of yours!

  4. It's interesting to hear that your chillis have been milder than usual this year, like mine. Could it be because of the weather?

  5. Foxglove Lane - its just sheer luck not green fingers - I do have lots of failures.

    Mark - Does a hot summer make chillis hotter - or is it the variety?

  6. Your peppers are beautiful. They would look great in my pickled pepper jars. If you remember what variety they are, please post.


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