Monday, 10 October 2011

Final Harvest

I have finally pulled the last of the summer squashes and courgettes before they start to rot with the advent of wetter weather.  Goodness knows what I am going to do with them all.  The summer squashes have been really good value, each of the three plants has given at least 50 fruits, so I will definitely grow them again next year but maybe cut down to two plants instead.

  The bush-type courgettes didn't stay as a bush but trailed just like the other types, nevertheless they have cropped well even with the dry summer.  Then there is the Gold Rush courgette which out-performs itself every year - I am not as keen on the yellow courgettes, they don't have much taste, but they just look so stunning and crop far more heavily than the green types.  Again, next year, two plants instead of three.

The only ones from this family that haven't done very well for me are the Butternut squashes - I have only had  four or five squashes develop and they aren't anywhere near as big as they were last year - you can't win 'em all.


  1. I noticed this morning that my one courgette plant has still got flowers on it! Flighty xx

  2. If only all the other veg would crop as prolifically as the Courgettes! My Marrow plant only produced one solitary fruit.
    It's interesting to hear you say that your so-called "bush" variety of courgette trailed just like the others. I have had that happen with squashes too. I always select the more compact ones because I have limited space, but they don't always perform as advertised.

  3. I've also picked all courgettes before the onset of harsh weather, I didn't grow the yellow variety but I will next year just to see how they do.

    I grew butternut once but I can't recall them doing very well. One to try again!

    I will add your blog to my list x

  4. Flighty - I think it might be a little late for your courgette flower - they do keep trying though, don't they.

    the garden smallholder - last year I had a butternut squash that grew to about 2ft. long - I haven't done anything different - I think the weather had a lot to do with the bad harvest this year.

    Mark - I agree about types not performing as they should - perhaps we are too good to them.

  5. I've just picked my last courgettes too. They sprawled from one bed across my path and into the other bed growing around the base of my sweet peas. I haven't been able to walk down the path for the last 6 weeks or so but I can't complain about the amount of fruit produced. I'm thinking of trying some onion squashes next year hopefully we'll have a better summer.


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