Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Baby Broads and Petit Pois

Just half an hour or so in the mornings is enough to get a few jobs done on the allotment garden.  This mornings job was to dismantle the bean poles and store them in the shed for winter.  They have stood up to lots of high winds this year and remained standing through it all.  It's always a sad day when a crop is finished, but the beans have done well and I have plenty in the shed drying out for next years seed.
Back at home in the greenhouse, the Broad beans that I planted in the potato sack have now come through and the Peas are making good growth

I shall be nipping out the tops soon to add to salads and helping the peas to bush out.  But the surprise of the day was the Garlic that I planted at the weekend -

they are already sprouting, after three days.  It just goes to prove that a little warmth can work wonders.
A little tray of sunshine - these are Calendula petals which are going into the airing cupboard for drying - don't the colours just make you want to smile.


  1. That reminds me...I need to get my garlic in too! And I really like your orange-yellow calendula mix - such nice colours.

  2. Have to ask what you do with the petals that you dry? x

  3. I planted my garlic a week ago and nothing so far!!

  4. I too would like to know what you do with the dried calendula petals

  5. Wow, garlic sprouting in 3 days, you are lucky. Do you divide up the segments and plant separately? How long does it usually take for garlic to be ready for harvest?

  6. The photo of the Calendula petals is right up my street!

  7. patient gardener - I did a post on my other blog about the Humble Marigold and its uses pop over and take a look.

    Lilith - I split the garlic bulbs and planted the cloves separately, they won't be ready till early next summer.

    meand 2veg - I'm keeping mine in the greenhouse until they have established a root system.

  8. Agh! I really must carve out enough time to get more broad bean seed so that I can get some sown. or is it too late now... Thank you for the calendula picture, it helped alleviate the stress of the "oh no, another thing I haven't got round to doing yet".


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